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Send your rug NFT’s

to burner wallet


And get a ticket to win the pool


What’s the point?

Probably, you have no idea what to do with some NFTs that have lost value, been rugged, or are simply no longer needed. Me neither, but I have an idea.

How about participating in a fun challenge with no risk to get a second chance for investment or to get your money back?

All you need to do is send your NFTs to our specified burner wallet and receive a ticket as a chance to win something from the prize pool. The pool will consist of more than 1000 ADA in value, including various CNFTs, coins, and 10 FREE NFTs from MAXXIS, along with other prizes from our partners. The pool will be updated in real-time on our Twitter and the main banner on the website.

We will have 20 WINNERS for the first raffle, and details about future raffles and prizes will be announced on our Discord Server.


Your sent NFT should be searchable on the JPG store.

You can burn 10 NFTs and get 10 tickets for the first draw.

Please do not spam with hashes: 1 Hash equals 1 ticket.

Make sure you are sending from the correct wallet to the correct wallet.

Insert only the hash and not the link.

After inserting the hash, wait until a window with info appears.

Do not attempt to game the system: you'll be disqualified.